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Welcome to Tree Lodi

We are a diverse group of tree specialists, educators, local business owners, and individuals who volunteer their time to improve Lodi’s urban forest. As you explore this site, you will see some of what we do, and perhaps feel that you would like to join with us in planting, preserving, promoting, and protecting the beloved trees of our community.

Tree Lodi is a community-based non-profit organization created to promote, and advocate for the planting, maintenance and preservation of Lodi’s urban forest through education, stewardship, and community involvement. We are arborists, business owners, employees, homemakers, and retired folks . . . citizens just like you. We appreciate trees, and what they do for our community and the environment. We are determined to make a difference in Lodi’s urban forest.

Our group is involved in local beautification projects and we work in cooperation with the City of Lodi, Lodi Unified School District, community organizations, local businesses, and private citizens.

We are proud of our involvement with Lodi’s urban forest, beginning with the planting of many of Lodi’s Centennial Cork Oak Trees. With the generous help and support of city staff and community volunteers, Tree Lodi has been an active participant in Arbor Day and Earth Day celebrations. We have helped to plant trees at Lodi Lake, Kofu Park, Hale Park, Henry Glaves Park, Lawrence Park, Salas Park, Emerson Park, Vinewood Park and Borchardt Elementary School.

We are especially concerned about the future of Lodi’s trees and the need to develop stewardship programs that involve the youth of our community. We have had the opportunity to work with volunteers from the Boy Scouts, Brownie Scouts, and the young people from several schools and churches.

We have also provided assistance to homeowners through demonstrations on tree planting, the proper methods of pruning and working to keep your trees healthy.

We are a valuable resource for those seeking information about trees and their care, and can speak at community service groups and other functions. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to make a difference. Come and join us. Visit our “Contacts Page” for more information.

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Promote. Protect. Preserve.

Tree Lodi, Inc.
1049 E Augusta St. Box 701,
Woodbridge, CA 95258

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