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Lodi Shade Tree Project

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The Lodi Shade Tree Pilot Program, a partnership between Lodi Electric Utility and nonprofit Tree Lodi, provides free trees and planting instructions to eligible customers to help keep their homes cooler during hot summers and reduce energy bills. The Program has been renewed for a second year.

All 500 trees available in the first round of the program were reserved within several weeks. After utility customers received information about the program in their monthly statements, Tree Lodi President Steve Dutra said, “We were amazed at the response. We appreciate Lodi Electric’s participation and the hard work of our Shade Tree Pilot Program team”.

Tree Lodi starts accepting tree requests on October 1, 2022. Tree Lodi is an all-volunteer organization that advocates for the city's urban forest through citizen involvement, education, planting, and maintaining public shade trees. Response time to requests may take up to two weeks, depending on the volume of submissions.

All Lodi City residents and Lodi Electric Customers can qualify for a free landscape assessment and up to 3 free shade trees!

How it works

Check to see if you're eligible for the program - are you a Lodi Electric customer? Do you have space for trees on your property? See the form below for more details.

Make an appointment with Tree Lodi's Community Forester.

Meet with your Community Forester to determine the best spots to plant and which trees your property qualifies to receive. We have available a number of tree species.

Your trees will be delivered to your property with stakes, ties, and instructions.

Once you receive your trees, it's time for you to plant them! Check out our planting video or refer to the tip cards delivered with your tree.


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